Eastern European music and dances

A concert inviting young audience to discover the classic works inspired by folk dances.

The innovation of this event is based on an interdependent presentation.The dancer herself comes into an interaction with the audience, while performing. Presenting the steps, she comments on the dance spectacle. Our interest here focuses on folk dances coming from the countries of the East.

The concept of stylized dances is explained and the historical and cultural reasons of their emergence are discussed. As the audience gets to know, very often, the great classical composers were influenced by folk music.

The songs for the project are carefully selected. Hence, we include the key pieces such as Romanian dances by Bartók, Polish dances by Chopin, or "Trepak" that can be found in ballets authored by Tchaikovsky.

Performance of the dancer as well as her explanations of the key steps and rhythms enable the audience to listen to the music with a more relaxed attitude.We believe their response is going to be spontaneous enjoyment in harmony with the feelings enclosed in the folk music.

Moreover, we wish to engage the young people in a discussion to create a friendly atmosphere, which is difficult to achieve during an ordinary concert.

What is more, dances are a good source of knowledge about the basics of rhythm and their practical usage in our project can excellently complement music education in public schools and conservatories.