Magdalena Hirsz


Pianist and teacher, founder and director of the Young Chopin Competition in Switzerland. Always full of ideas , sensitive to all the Fine Arts that inspire her musical performances and her life. Resides in Montreux.

Alexander Reitenbach

Vice president

Pianist and teacher who cultivates different traditions and opposing ideas in his life. He lives and teaches at the University of Music in Stuttgart.

Lyda Chen-Argerich

Assistant Lawyer

First daughter of legendary pianist Martha Argerich. She is both a violist and a lawyer. She loves young people and supports the Jeune Chopin competition for the best future in classical music. She lives in Geneva.

Pierre Michel


Accountant and music lover. A kind-hearted human being who makes life easier for artists. Resides in Montreux.

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Marcin Wilemski

Assistant Director of the International Piano competition Jeune Chopin


Former guide of the artists during International Piano Competitions, Co-producer of the international exhibitions about artists of the 20th century and dance events. Fascinated by music and other arts. Lives in Warsaw, Poland.