The Chopin Institute is an association whose aim is to organize and promote cultural events based on interactive concerts, with a special emphasis on the musical education of young people.

Inspired by the great Polish composer and pianist Frederic Chopin, whose compositions and techniques were very innovative in the nineteenth century, we wish to transmit this musical art, combining the music per se with other arts such as dance, literature, singing, drama, multimedia and so on.

We are highly aware of the shortcomings in how classical music is presented to young people today. Our project attempts to explore music by establishing a link with other arts in order to make classical music more accessible to young minds.

To get closer to our participants, we plan to organize artistic events outside the concert hall. We wish to connect with their everyday reality through the use of multimedia and interactivity.

By bringing together various arts, we help the young persons to overcome their dislike of classical music and bridge the divisions between different aspects of human creativity.

The committee of the Chopin Institute includes inter alia five excellent pianists, who are engaged in promoting the work and piano technique of Frederic Chopin. In order to do this they will be hosting concerts and seminars designed specifically for musicians and music lovers.

You can download the status of the institute here