Robert Schumann and the magic of childhood

The concert is composed of thirteen little pieces from Scenes from Childhood composed by Robert Schumann.

Even if the organization of salon pieces of characteristic miniatures goes back to Couperin, it was in the nighteen century that titled piano cycles became a general phenomena. Close to song-cycles or poetry collections, this three form knew perfection throught Schumann's writing, one of the greastes German romantic composers. Schumann evokes in the Kinderszenen op.15 the magic of childhood as seen by an adult heart.

And what children feel in playing his music? The pupils of the Chopin Institute in Switzerland will interpretate his music in the transcription for 4 hands with their teacher Magdalena Hirsz. Each child is going to read a little story written and inspired by the music.

Each of thirteen pieces that form this cycle is characterised by a very precise title which is better to interpret as a suggestion of rather than as a strict illustration. The whole of the work bathes in absolute ataraxia and a disarming delicateness.

The concert will take place on June the 21st in Geneva for F?te de la Musique, in Montreux on June 20th for the festival Kiosque ? musique, and in October in two different hospitals? Pediatric Oncology Department where very ill children could benefit from some musical pleasure to fight their sickness.