Georgijs Osokins

Latvian born, Georgijs Osokins, one of the greatest personalities of the XVII International Competition Chopin in Warsaw.

Mysterious and enchanting, he delights audiences with originality.

Alone on stage, with great emotions and an overwhelming vision of the interpretation that unveils his exceptional talent and personality, Georgjis Osokins is a romantic artist. He is a remarkable musician, almost "hyper musical and hypersensitive ?.

His playing is sparkling, alert, with timely executions, multicolored effects of spatial dynamics. In his performances, the virtuoso takes distance and ventures into critical reflection of the canonical interpretation of the works of the Polish composer. Georgijs Osokins wins the listeners through his authenticity.

"To find the style of Chopin, you should analyze his music, you need to know Poland, the Polish people, language and folklore?. The pianist played only Chopin for a year before the competition in Warsaw. Among many awards, Georgijs Osokins also counts the first prize at theInternational Chopin Competition for Young pianists and Scriabin Competition in Moscow in 2014.

Sunday, 7th February at 5pm in Paderewski Hall, Casino Montebenon in Lausanne.

Tickets CHF 28 and CHF 20 (AVS, AI, Students)

Young audience up to 18 years - free

On sale at Fnac and on line or from 4pm at the entrance.