Grande tournée des lauréats du concours Jeune Chopin

Grande tournée des lauréats du concours Jeune Chopin

11-20 août 2019 - Pologne

Arielle Beck-France

Naomi Yamagouchi - Japon/US

Kevin Jansson- Irlande

présentés par Magdalena Hirsz- présidente de l'Institut F. Chopin en Suisse Concerts à Warszawa, Zelazowa Wola, Szafarnia, Radziejowice, Sanniki et Wroclaw

La tournée a été belle musicalement et humainement! J'ai aimé partager tous ces moments émouvants avec vous, avec mes parents, et tous les gens que nous avons rencontrés dans des lieux si chargés de souvenirs historiques et musicaux. Et les concerts de Martha, et d'Akiko Ebi à la Philharmonie de Varsovie, merveilleux!! Chopin est si présent en Pologne, c'est incroyable... Jouer dans la maison natale du grand compositeur a été un moment particulièrement fort, avec Naomi et Kevin, et au Chopin Point de Varsovie, à Wroclaw et à Krakow avec toi aussi, superbe! Et grand merci à l'Institut Chopin! Continue aussi généreusement! Je t'embrasse! The tour was musically and humanly beautiful! I loved to share all these moving moments with you, with my parents, and all the people we met in places so full of historical and musical memories. Et Martha's and Akiko Ebi's concerts, so wonderful!! Chopin is so present in Poland, it is incredible... Playing in his native house was an especially strong moment, with Naomi and Kevin, and in the Chopin Point of Warsaw, in Wroclaw and Krakow with you also, superb! And many thanks to the Institut Chopin! Go on so generously. I kiss you!

Arielle Beck, France, 10 ans, first prize winner in 1st cartegory

I’d like to thank Ms. Magdalena Hirsz for inviting the laureates of Jeune International Chopin Competition held in October 2018 on the Poland tour. I was fortunate to be able to participate in this wonderful trip where we got to perform in various cities in Poland. It has been an important experience for me because my understanding of Chopin’s music has been enhanced, not only from attending the concerts, but being present in historical places where Chopin played. I also had a great time traveling in Poland with Arielle, Kevin, and Ms. Hirsz. Besides performing, we attended concerts at ‘Chopin and his Europe’ Festival in Warsaw and learned from notable teachers who inspired me in many ways. I will never forget the excitement of performing at Zelazowa Wola, Chopin’s birthplace. It has been really incredible summer for me.

Naomi Yamaguchi, USA / Japon, 15 ans first prize winner in 2nd cartegory

I am so grateful to the Institut Frédéric Chopin in Switzerland for organising the tour of Poland for the laureates of the 2018 Jeune Chopin Competition. It was an unforgettable week. We played in various cities throughout Poland, explored Polish culture and got closer to Chopin's music at the masterclasses in Radziejowice. The most memorable experience for me was my recital at Chopin's birthplace in Żelazowa Wola. It was a truly life-changing concert for me. It was wonderful to spend this week with the other laureates, Naomi and Arielle, and with Magdalena Hirsz, our fantastic organiser and president of the Institut. Thank you, Magdalena!!

Kevin Jansson, Irland, 18 ans, first prize winner in 3rd cartegory