Masterclasses, Brésil

Before leaving, I didn't really know Brazil. However a week of teaching in Bragança will be engraved in my memory. This musical experience with children of the Amazon area was wonderful and rewarding. I learned to live in a different culture and it was a real exchange of values ??and a new way of thinking. During my stay I met wonderful children. I tried to share with them the best of my musical and pedagogical knowledge. Even if I taught on electronic keyboards, I would never have imagined how the students of the Amazon Art Institute would be captivated, talented and enthusiastic. I am very greatful to Aurimar, mytranslator, even if in fact music as the international language spoke by itself. I received more than I wouldhave thought. I keep wonderful memories filled with singing, brazilian rhythms on the piano and beautiful children's smiles.

I felt useful to students of the Amazon Art Institute, in accompanying them both in education and in their concert. I hope to return teaching again to this place where Love is so generously given through music.