Piano lessons

I believe that artists must live and work at fever pitch in a relentless pursuit of the ideal of beauty and the highest degree of artistry. My hope is to inspire all my students ? professionals and amateurs, beginners and young artists ? and help them focus intensely, with no time restrictions, on each facet of music they consider essential in their 'Quest for the Firebird.' This way of searching together for the means of artistic expression and individuality has originated from the great traditions of the Slavic pianistic school of my teachers. I look forward to share this journey towards artistry with my students through my teaching practice and by creating the Institut Frédéric Chopin.


Piano lessons for children and adults

Quality education in chamber music and piano accompaniment

Preparation for entrance exams to music conservatories and high schools in Switzerland and Poland

Preparation for national and international piano competitions

Organization of concerts and auditions

Providing musical training with renowned musicians in partnership with the Winter Piano Festival (www.winterpianofestival.pl)


Contributing, through music, to the harmonious development of students? personality

Discovering cultural heritage

Providing music lovers with the means to enjoy music

Offering amateur pianists the means to be autonomous in their musical, pianistic activity

Providing assistance to professional piano students in determining the best path to their musical career

Providing assistance in achieving the best results possible to students of every age and level


Superior quality education, vibrant and stimulating

Programme adjusted to the individual pace of learning of each student

Extended offer of teaching piano ensemble music (chamber music courses, opportunities to play with other instrumentalists)

Respecting the Convention on the Rights of the Child

Our studio in Apples is equipped with a new concert grand piano Shigeru Kawai

In Montreux, students have access to prestigious Bösendorfer grand pianos

Course fees are charged according to the Convention of the Swiss Society of Music Pedagogy (www.sspm.ch).


Lesson of 60 min/Semester CHF 90.00/CH 1?150.00

Lesson of 50 min/Semester CHF 75.00/CH 960.00

Lesson of 40 min/Semester CHF 60.00/CH 770.00


Lesson of 60 min/Semester CHF 108.00/CH 1?380.00

Lesson of 50 min/Semester CHF 90.00/CH 1?152.00

Lesson of 40 min/Semester CHF 72.00/CH 924.00

There are 18 lessons per semester

Student enrollment is open year round

First lesson is offered free of charge.